Case 5: Trade Association Strategy


The Estonian ICT Cluster wanted to help its member companies reach a new level in export effectiveness. Bringing together companies with different sizes, strategies and geographic ambitions can be a challenge. Unless everyone agrees with and understands the common strategy, everyone’s efforts are not as rapid and effective as they could be.


We helped members understand the domain of strategy and agreed on a common framework for making decisions and a roadmap with individual responsibilities for achieving it.  


We were able to successfully bring together a disparate group of entrepreneurs with different strategic understanding and frameworks into a cohesive understanding of what, how and why we want to achieve together. 
The processes helped us begin a constructive collaboration with common approaches and even processes of sales, reciprocal representation and marketing among members at home and globally. 
A clear strategy and communication has made the common decision processes faster, attracted new members to join the ranks and made their on-boarding considerably smoother.