I love screaming presenters!

Last week I returned from Alan Weiss' Million Dollar Consulting Convention in Atlanta. It featured Alan Weiss, Martin Seligman and 9 other speakers for three days. It is always a true joy to watch accomplished practitioners share best practices and personal stories. The list of good ideas to implement is longer than a full page.

I noticed I really enjoyed presenters that SCREAMed a lot. It is an acronym that stands for Story, Contrast, Rhyme, Echo, Alliteration and Metaphor. The prerequisite to making your presentation or workshop memorable is having excellent content, but bringing it across in a way that is memorable can be the difference between a rock star and a karaoke king. 

P.S. I never assume people know all the ways I help organisations improve performance. One of the ways is addressing the troops at larger meetings. I usually speak on the topics of leadership, performance improvement, product development and sales management. 

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