Hanno helped us clarify our purpose and agree on a much tighter focus that helps us to say no to opportunities outside our vision. After streamlining our structure and way of working we are now able to make better decisions with more speed and less stress.
His perspective and experience helped me personally to focus on the right issues and approach them more effectively. The increased speed, focus and clarity have allowed us move to a new level as an organisation and me to redefine my role to add more value. 
Mikko Prii, CEO of Begin
As a result of our cooperation we have markedly improved our profitability, revenue and moved further up the value chain. Changes in our strategy, marketing, sales and delivery have resulted in both significantly improved customer outcomes and employee satisfaction.
We are now have deeper relationships with our customers and are making a bigger impact on their bottom lines in more countries and industries. 
Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group
We were able to successfully bring together a disparate group of entrepreneurs with different strategic understanding and frameworks into a cohesive understanding of what, how and why we want to achieve together. 
The processes helped us begin a constructive collaboration with common approaches and even processes of sales, reciprocal representation and marketing among members at home and globally. 
Our clear strategy and communication has made our decision processes faster, attracted new members to join our ranks and made their on-boarding considerably smoother. 
Doris Põld, Cluster Manager of Estonian ICT Cluster
Our people's ability to achieve their goals with effective meetings has dramatically improved thanks to Hanno.
Ruslan Štšerbjuk, CEO Atea Estonia
Our cooperation has helped me to improve dramatically. It has been a change in my mindset that has helped me become more successful both in my professional and personal life. The increased transparency from the top, across the middle layer and down to the individual front-line sales force has simplified the jobs of the middle managers as well as that of the front-line staff. Our new way of working has helped us create a new level of performance with improved reporting, simplicity and ease for all levels.
Olesya Ivanova, Head of Floor Operations Evolution Gaming