We have no CRM.

I had my car waxed after a paint job in the summer and asked when I should return. In November, I was told by the knowledgeable clerk.
  • Would you please call me and book a time?
  • No can do. We don't have a CRM.
  • I see you have a calendar on your desk you could write my number in.
  • Sorry, I can't do that, but why don't you call yourself?
A typical Estonian salesman actively waiting for business by the phone you might say, but with one detail still missing. That of course was resolved in December, when the company sent me holiday greetings in an email. No CRM you say. I have helped enterprise sales forces with multiple channels and hundreds of people and single individuals improve their sales performance, and for my money it comes down to this: people's self image and self interest. What is my job and why am I here? Hopefully there is some overlap with the goals of the company. Setting up necessary support systems (leading indicators, compensation, chain of command, software etc.) and building skills comes after that as sales people are more "coin-operated" than most other professions. By the way, I am still in the market for a wax job. (Read: actively waiting for that guy to call.)
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